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How Companies Can Support Greenways

The Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation has been able to develop Polish Greenways thanks to funds and in-kind support provided by private and public donors, assistance programs and corporate sponsors.

We are interested in increasing the contribution of corporate sponsors to the development of Polish Greenways by engaging companies in working with us to develop and promote the Greenways programme as a whole, and also in working with us to develop individual Greenways. We are especially interested in companies, which are committed to contributing to environmental improvement in Poland and protecting natural and cultural values and which through their own example will motivate others to take environmental action.

Funds raised are used to support community-based initiatives and projects, which ensure that Greenways become living examples of sustainable development.


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Fundacja Partnerstwo dla Środowiska

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We thank those who have supported the development of Polish Greenways:

Philanthropic Foundations:

● The Rockefeller Brothers Fund (USA) ● The German Marshall Fund of the United States (USA) ● Polish-American Freedom Foundation (Poland) ● Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (Germany) ● The Sendzimir Foundation (USA) ● Trust for Mutual Understanding (USA) ● The Atlantic Philanthropies (Ireland) ● Stefan Batory Foundation (Poland) ● Trust for Civil Society in Central and East Europe (USA) ● DOEN Stichting (Netherlands) ● Liberty Foundation (Netherlands)

Public Sector:

● European Commission - DG-Environment ● Polish Ministry of Economy (Poland) ● Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Poland) ● US Embassy in Poland (USA) ● European Social Fund, Equal Programme ● Malopolska Regional Government (Poland) ● City of Krakow (Poland)

Business Sector:

● Toyota Motor Europe (Fund for Europe)


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