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Central and Eastern European Greenways (CEG)


The Central and Eastern European Greenways (CEG) initiative is being implemented across Central and Eastern Europe through the Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development (EPSD) Association, which includes member foundations operating in Poland (Fundacja Partnerstwo dla ?rodowiska), Czech Republic (Nadace Partnerství), Slovakia (Nadácia Ekopolis), Hungary (Ökotárs Alapítvány), Romania (Fundatia pentru Parteneriat) and Bulgaria. In 2005, the CEG program was expanded to include Belarus, which is represented by the Agro and Eco-tourism Association.

The main goals of the CEG are to:

  • Inspire, develop and support greenway projects, which bring together protection of cultural heritage and improvement of environmental quality so as to encourage sustainable development and improve quality of life in both rural and urban areas;
  • Build cooperation and partnerships between the civic sector, public sector and business aimed at providing organizational, advisory and financial support for projects and initiatives consistent with the greenway philosophy.

All trails belonging to the Greenways network are organized according to shared principles and criteria.

See: Sopron Declaration defining CEG program goals


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