Greenways Program in Poland

The Polish Greenways Program is co-ordinated by the Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation and is implemented by a Network of Greenways co-ordinators. Coordinators work through the Forum for Greenway and Ecomuseum Initiatives organized by the National Network of Local Partnerships for Sustainable Development. They represent non-governmental organizations, which work on the design and implementation of individual Greenway initiatives. Polish Greenways are closely linked to a program of support for eco-museum initiatives, which are consistent with the Greenway approach and located along Greenways.

Strategic Greenways Partners in Poland

At the local level, Greenways are implemented through co-operation with over 200 local partners (regional and local government offices), voluntary groups, schools and businesses.

At the national level, Polish Greenways cooperate with key institutions focused on tourism, heritage and environmental protection, including:

  • Polish Tourism Organization (POT), as well as regional and local Tourism Organizations,
  • Polish Society for Tourism and Recreation (PTTK),
  • Polish Tourism Chamber (PIT),
  • Polish Tourism Development Agency (PART), 
  • Universities: Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow (Industrial Design Faculty), Swietokrzyska Fine Arts Academy in Kielce, Jagellonian University in Krakow (Association of Doctoral Students).
  • Diplomatic: US Consulate in Krakow,
  • Euroregions (Slask Cieszynski, Beskidy).

Goals of the Polish Greenways Program

The goal of the Polish Greenways program is to support community-based conservation of natural and cultural heritage and to revitalize local economies through environment-friendly tourism, promotion of local heritage products and related community-based initiatives.

The Polish Environmental Partnership Foundation supports the development of Polish Greenways through technical assistance, training and organizing financial support for community-based initiatives focused on sustainable development.

The main objectives of the Polish Greenways program are:

a) to build a national Greenways Network, which includes trans-national trails recognized in Poland and internationally, by means of a national Forum for Greenways and Eco-Museum Initiatives which seeks to include Polish Greenways into national programs focused on tourism, heritage and environmental protection;

b) to promote Greenways in Poland and internationally by collecting and disseminating information and know-how related to greenway initiatives through an Internet portal:;

c) to create branded products and services related to Eco-tourism and heritage tourism along Greenways in ways, which help support community based economic development and conservation of natural and cultural heritage;

d) to inspire and support community-based initiatives and projects for sustainable development along Greenways (by building a Greenway Fund to support citizen initiatives);

e) to promote Polish Greenway initiatives in international programs and initiatives, especially at the European and transatlantic levels through the Central European Greenways (CEG) Program;

f) to share Polish experience with Greenway initiatives in other countries in East Europe, such as Belarus and Ukraine.


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